The Cauldron

“From my mind it brews.

A cauldron of magick spells,

and all I must say.”


An ORIGINAL HELLENIC-INSPIRED FAIRY TALE There was once a temple, at the top of the most beautiful of mountains, in the holiest of all lands. In the center of this temple, lived the most precious Flame of the World, forever a light, keeping Gaia, the World, alive with her flicker. Tending to the fire were…


Identity: (Not) A Poem

I was born in Manhattan and raised in the South Bronx. I wasn’t allowed to hang out in the streets. The only sleepovers I had were with my cousins. My parents barely let me hang out with friends after school. Papi was an alcoholic. He loved horror, sci-fi, making us laugh, barbecues, & Latin jazz.…

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red corner den

A short story about the darkness of the soul. “Thank you for having me, Miles,” Clementine Harvey said into the bulbous, expensive microphone in her hand. She flashed an award-winning smile and nestled into the plush seat, assigned for interviewees like herself. She was a guest on Writers Anonymous, a literary podcast interviewing writers about…

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a short horror story about duality, temptation, & addiction. “Take it all, whore,” Alan spat while he forced himself into me, my legs spread and restrained by leather straps attached to his four-poster bed. I laid there, bound, except for the gold crucifix around my neck and paper bag on my head. It crinkled with…


The Arcade

A short story ABOUT CHILDHOOD TRAUMA AND DADDY / DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS. I used to beg my father to take me to the grocery store across the street, which I called the Arcade.  The store was a typical bodega in The Bronx, selling hot and cold sandwiches, snacks, and a consistent stock of beer.  They also…

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The Monster Inside (2018)

There was only so much abuse that she could take before the monster inside her was unleashed. Bruises covered her arms and legs.  Her tongue was still swollen and tender because of an “accidental” elbow to the face.  Her fingernails were broken and ragged.  Dark circles grew increasingly more pronounced. Her smile lost its charm,…

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