THE GLAMOUR NYC: The WRITINGS of a Wretched Girl

GLAMOUR (n): illusory magick. It’s purpose is to fool an onlooker. To conceal the true form of…something….

If you’re here, you’re probably hiding something. Maybe you like to tap into the darker side of life. Or perhaps, you’re a misfit or an outcast. Either way, you are curious about REAL HORROR.

Real horror exists in the facets of everyday life. It is woven into the invisible thread that makes up our days, our nights, and the liminal spaces in between. And I UNDERSTAND YOU.

Welcome to The Glamour NYC – where the illusion is reality and horror is just beyond the veil.

Blog. Memoir. Lifestyle. ALL HORROR.

From The Cauldron:


An ORIGINAL HELLENIC-INSPIRED FAIRY TALE There was once a temple, at the top of the most beautiful of mountains, in the holiest of all lands. In the center of this temple, lived the most precious Flame of the World, forever a light, keeping Gaia, the World, alive with her flicker. Tending to the fire were…


Identity: (Not) A Poem

I was born in Manhattan and raised in the South Bronx. I wasn’t allowed to hang out in the streets. The only sleepovers I had were with my cousins. My parents barely let me hang out with friends after school. Papi was an alcoholic. He loved horror, sci-fi, making us laugh, barbecues, & Latin jazz.…

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red corner den

A short story about the darkness of the soul. “Thank you for having me, Miles,” Clementine Harvey said into the bulbous, expensive microphone in her hand. She flashed an award-winning smile and nestled into the plush seat, assigned for interviewees like herself. She was a guest on Writers Anonymous, a literary podcast interviewing writers about…

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“Get busy living, or get busy dying”

Stephen King
“A Hand in the Dark” by Underbelly