THE GLAMOUR NYC: The Musings of a Wretched Girl

You are meant to be here.

You are a misfit, an outcast, or someone who doesn’t quite fit in. You lived on the fringe of conventional society and are looking for a like-minded counterpart; someone who understands you, someone who can identify with feeling alone.

Welcome home. Here you will discover who I am and see how my life experiences shaped me into the witch and writer I am today. We’ll also capture the magic of living and working in New York City, in the 90s and 2000s, spiritual and esoteric pathways, & my love for horror in cinematic and literary spaces.

Part memoir of a lost child.

All musings of a wretched girl.

From The Cauldron:

Witchcraft in the Secular World (2019)*

All of us Witches have much to celebrate – from past persecution to modern-day celebration, those that practice witchcraft are finally getting their time in the sun (or the moon, for that matter!)  Witches from all walks of life have found a community in the real world and online!  The hashtag #WitchesofInstagram yields over 2 […]

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The Monster Inside (2018)

There was only so much abuse that she could take before the monster inside her was unleashed. Bruises covered her arms and legs.  Her tongue was still swollen and tender because of an “accidental” elbow to the face.  Her fingernails were broken and ragged.  Dark circles grew increasingly more pronounced. Her smile lost its charm, […]

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“Get busy living, or get busy dying”

Stephen King
“A Hand in the Dark” by Underbelly